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Regarding to Quality

To exceed the expectations of our clients, in any kind of work, is one of our commitments. A motto that can only be achieved through high levels of quality, human resources (highly specialized technicians), and the quality of the material that we use (advanced technology)

Regarding to Safety

In this kind of activity, we daily deal with delicate materials and situations.Therefore, safety is a very important commitment which we shoulder and impose to everyone who works with us, since the beginning till the end of each service.
In Explonorte we prove daily that it's possible to be efficient, and even exceed expectations, never prescinding safety.

Regarding to Environment

In Explonorte, the respect for the Environment is never neglected. More than to fulfill the legislation, the concern with the environment is instilled in our cooperators, and present in our work projects. - each blasting pattern is studied in order to reduce the vibrations to the minimum; - in the perspective of income improvements, not repetitive sequential detonations are used by our teams; - the use of vibration measurement devices allows an even more complete study of the work in question, in order to optimize new blasting schemes and initiation projects, with the purpose of minimizing as much as possible the resulting vibrations;