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Rock / concrete blasting and cutting:

  • Foundations for buildings and structures;
  • Roads and highways;
  • Industrial platforms;
  • Quarries and open pit mines;
  • Ornamental stone quarries;
  • Dam Foundations;
  • Tunnels, galleries and caves;
  • Underwater blasting.
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Consultancy and Technical Assistance in:

  • Blasting for all types of infrastructures;
  • Vertical and horizontal drilling in rock and concrete;
  • Controlled blasting and protective measures in sensitive areas;
  • Pre-splitting or replica watches uk smooth blasting methods;
  • Cutting and breaking with expansive mortar;
  • Underwater blasting works;
  • Underground blasting works;
  • Bench blasting optimization;
  • Excavation works: Planning and optimization for Quarries, Mines...
  • Blasting design elaboration;
  • Demolition of buildings or concrete structures using civil explosives;
  • Analisys of vibration monitorization in structures;
  • Measurement and vibration control;
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  • Research relating to damage caused by civil explosives;
  • Risk analysis and buildings survey;
  • Fly roc control and prevention.

Other services:


  • Assistance to obtain explosives legal Permit;
  • Rock and concrete Drilling for reinforcement and drainage works;
  • Supply and transport of explosives on site.
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We offer a set of integrated services that allows you to ensure all types of works always with high quality levels.